HI Warriorz,

We just entered Butt Workouts Week #3 and I have for you another amazing and effective workout for your glutes and hamstrings. This time we are doing 15 minute AMRAP, which means that you will set your timer for only 15 minutes and your goal is to go through the circuit as many times as you can. What counts at the end is the total amount of reps, so if you complete 3 full circuits in 14 minutes and 50 seconds, do not stop, because you have still 10 seconds left and you can still do at least a few reps of the first exercise.


Workout Breakdown
15 reps of Kettlebell Swing
15 reps of Reverse Hip Raise
15 reps of Kettlebell Swing
10 reps on each leg of One Leg Raise And Roll
15 reps of Kettlebell Swing
10 reps on each leg of One Leg Hip Raise


You will need a kettlebell that feels heavy for you so that the last 3 reps out of the 15 kettlebell swings always feel super challenging and you feel like you have almost reached your limit by the last rep. Just for your information my kettlebell for this workout was 44lbs. Keep in mind that you and I might be at a different fitness level so to determine the proper weight for you, is to try it. If you go to a store to buy your weights, make sure to try some of the basic exercises that we do.

You will also need a Swiss Ball or sometimes its called a Balance Ball. That is actually one of the exercise equipments that I would suggest for everyone to have at home. It's absolutely awesome and cheap piece of equipment that is very versatile and incredibly useful. You can use it to exercise your entire body, it's great for stretching, and you can use it as a chair if you sit a lot by your computer. What that does, is that it works your core while you are sitting. Regular chair is an enemy to your abs, back, and butt.

Enjoy this week's workout and I am going to go through all of your comments on my Facebook post from yesterday where I asked you to give me your advice. I simply want to know, how can I improve to help you better to reach your fitness goals. I know that the website needs to be better organized and my team is working on a new website where all that you guys have been asking for will be possible. I am not sure when exactly is it going to be done, but hopefully very soon. I can't do anything about the website myself, because I don't know anything about building websites, however until that's taking care of, I could do a lot in terms of posts and videos. So whatever idea or wish you have, please leave it in the comments below, so that I know what I need to work on to make you happy :)

Thank you,