Hi warriorz,

Here is the real time workout of the week. It's a 12-minute AMRAP workout Now you have two options, you can watch the workout breakdown video to see each exercise in this workout and the proper form, and do this workout on your own, or you can do this workout with me with the video below.


This is what we are going to do:

1. Jump lunge 3x & side stretch - repeat 10 times
2. Scorpion Push Ups - 5 reps on each side
3. Squat and Leg Lift - 20 reps
4. Plank & Ski Squat - 10 reps

Complete as many rounds as you can during 12 minutes. Your goal is to try to keep up with me without pausing the video :) Now, if you feel like you can complete this workout faster than me, go for it and let me know so that the rest of us can try to beat your time.

Have fun,