Hi WarriorZ,

This week I have for you an amazing ab workout! It also works your entire body but every move in this circuit also targets your abs. What you will need is 1 heavier dumbbell. I used 20lbs one. A pair of lighter dumbbells. I used 8lbs. And a bench that is is not higher than your knee joints or you can use a stack of books to jump over.

Workout Breakdown:

Complete 3 rounds of this circuit in the shortest amount of time. Write down your time and make sure to beat your own personal best the next time which can be anywhere from 2 days later to 1 month later.

10 reps Weighted Squat Twist (alternating sides) 20lbs dumbbell
10 reps Cross Leg Push Up (alternating sides)
15 reps Cross Body Kick on each leg
10 reps Four Point Punch with Dumbbells 8lbs dumbbells
10 reps Jump Over Bench

I will post the real time workout where you can watch me pushing through this workout and train with me if you prefer that, later this week. If you rather workout on your own, then at least stop by to compare your time with mine ;)

Have fun with your training,