Hi WarriorZ,

I have been telling you guys how important it is to be consistent with your training if your goal is to actually do any progress whether it means to lose weight or tone up. Luckily for us, our training sessions are not longer than 30 minutes if you are counting the warm up, cool down, and stretching. Also having the ability to do your workouts at home makes things really easy.

So here is my game plan for this week starting tomorrow:

ZWOW #62 - Best Butt Workout. The reason why I pick this workout is because we are not done with our glutes and hams. This is going to be our last butt week so we should get as much as we can out of it.

Cardio workout #2 from my Zcut Power Cardio Series

Yoga workout #2 from my Zcut Power Yoga series

ZWOW # 65 - New Butt Workout - Its the last in this series. It will be published on Wednesday.

Cardio workout #3 from my Zcut Power Cardio Series

Repeat ZWOW # 65 - Butt Workout - Try to beat your record from Thursday. The real time workout will be published on Friday.

Yoga Workout #3 from my Zcut Power Yoga series

Enjoy your training throughout the week and keep strong. Do not skip your workouts! It's important to find some time for yourself. Keeping consistent with your training will literally change your life. You will find the strong and happy girl inside of yourself, that you have been looking for.