If you don't know how to jump rope then I would highly recommend getting one and learning because it has so many benefits!  Jumping rope greatly improves cardiovascular health and help with balance and coordination.  It's also a great exercise to help improve endurance and stamina.  It's a skill that takes some practice to begin with but you would be really surprised to see how fast you pick it up once you start.  If you need a little instruction on how to jump rope, check out my video below.



Some basic tips to keep in mind when you're learning how to jump rope:  When it comes to your upper body, keep your shoulders down and elbows close to body.  You should only be really moving your forearms to rotate the rope.  Also, keep your head up and look straight ahead.  Don't look down and chase the rope, your body will learn the naturally get a feel for the timing and anticipate the jump accordingly.  If you have space by a mirror, that could help you see your form.  Always stay light on your feet, don't be flat footed, jump only on the balls of your feet.  For basic bounces you don't need to jump super high, just enough to let the rope slide under your feet.  Once you get the hang of the basic bounce, try doing high knees.  The more you jump rope the better you'll be!  You're coordination and balance will improve and you'll get into a rhythm, trust me!


You can get one of my new ZCUT Zropes on Amazon through my STORE (I'm using the premium speed rope in the video) Each of my jump ropes come with 6 printed workouts that incorporate jump rope circuit training with some total body toning exercises.  I have a beginner jump rope workout with basic bounces if you're just starting out in your jump rope career and an extreme jump rope workout that if for the athletes that want push themselves.  Don't worry, you're not just jumping rope the whole time!  It's a mix of jump rope circuit training with total body toning exercises for a complete workout!  You're never jumping rope for more than a few minutes at a time. I put the workout video on my ZGYM and with each rope I've included a FREE 5-day trial so you can do them online with me in real-time!