Hi Warriorz,

This is our last workout for the best butt workouts week and we are finishing strong! This workout will be handy for all of you who have just started exercising at home and have no equipment, and for all of us who don't like to miss a workout even when we are traveling.

Watch the video below to see each exercise and proper form and here is the workout breakdown for you or you can click here to do the real-time workout with me!

One Leg Squat 5 reps each leg
Vertical Leap 10 reps
One Leg Lunge & Dead Lift 10 reps each leg - you will need a chair
Side Lunge Jump 20 reps
One Leg Bridge 10 reps each leg
Standing Leg Lifts 20 reps each leg - use a chair or a wall for support

Go Through this circuit 3 times as fast as you can, but pay attention to your form. The goal is to push yourself at your maximum effort and keeping short to no break in between exercises. Let me know how long did it take you. I try to keep my workouts typically anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes, and even if I don't have time for a 10 minute workout, I do 3 minute workout at least and I found out that anyone can find 3 minutes of time for a super short intense workout.

You are in complete charge of your fitness, and you should take advantage of that. I feel sad and frustrated when I meet people who say they want and should take a better care of themselves, but will come up with most bizarre excuses just to justify their actions or in this case the lack of them. I noticed that these people have to hit a rock bottom, to decide that is time to change. Do not let yourself to ever hit a rock bottom in an area that YOU CAN be in complete charge of.

Take care, have fun, and I will see you soon.