Hi Warriorz,

This week's online workout is absolutely brutal. I had a really hard time to finish the last exercise. I had to modify the Breakdance Push Ups twice. My first modification was regular push up instead of one leg push up, and the second one was push up off of my knees instead of the regular once. I got to say that it does not happen to me very often that I would have to choose and easier variation of an exercise and still having a hard time. Click here to work out with me!

This workout is also one of the longest once out of my library of ZWOWs. Make sure that you have at least half an hour to do this workout.

Watch the video above to see each exercise and proper form and here is the workout breakdown also in the written form:

Go through the following exercises in this exact order. There are 60 reps in each exercise, but luckily there is only one round of this circuit. Push hard, keep good form, and try not to take any longer breaks.

Jump Up & Star Lift - 60 reps
James Bond Lunge - 60 reps
Monkey Business - 60 reps
Side Crunch - 30/30 reps
Breakdance Push Up - 60 reps

You can write how much you hate me in the comments below :) Love you. Z.