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Here you can find short, high-intensity, results driven online workouts. Using mostly body-weight exercises with some very basic equipment, you don’t need to leave the house to get in shape! Most workouts are under 20-minutes, so it's easy to find time to workout.


Use the sub-categories below to view my older ZWOWs (Zuzka's Workout Of the Week). You can use the ZGYM tab at the top of the page to get brand new, exclusive workouts (ZWOWs, Zshreds, Beginner Workouts and more) added every week!
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    DietBet Challenge Workout Program for Week #1

    Hi everyone, I want to start the first week of your DietBet Challenge strong so I have selected some of the most intense and fat burning workouts I've done in the past few year. If you stay on track, do these workouts every day, and commit to healthy eating habits, you will see rapid results. Every change, every improvement in your life starts with your.....Read More.

    The Ultimate Fat Burner Workout

    Warning everyone! This workout is brutal. I know it doesn't sound like 5 minute workout could be hard, however if you don't believe me, you have to give it a try. Give it a try anyways, because I can guarantee you that your inner masochist will greatly enjoy it. I know mine did. That's why it's called the Ultimate Fat Burner workout - your fat will.....Read More.

    5 Minute Workout – Shoulders & Back

    Hi guys, This workout brings you a new creative way of doing pull ups if you don't own a pull up bar. Most of us don't have the option to install a pull up bar in our homes, because it requires drilling holes into your doorway and not everyone wants to decorate their home with a gym equipment. Sure you can buy the Perfect Pull.....Read More.

    5 Minute Abs & Butt Workout

    Hi guys, It's been so hot here in Los Angeles that a warm up alone make me look like I just did the Spartan race. In case you don't know what the Spartan race is, it's something I'd like to try one day. The good news is that it can be on my bucket list for years and it won't matter, because this is something you can.....Read More.

    Fast Shape Up with Kettlebell Workout

    This workout will save you time and keep you on track during busy days!        Workout Breakdown:   One Arm Kettlebell Swings - 10 reps Burpee - 1 rep Figure 8 Squat - 10 reps Burpee - 1 rep Touch The KB Push Up - 10 alternating arms Burpee - 1 rep _________________________________________________________________   Do as many rounds as possible (maximum total reps).....Read More.

    Solid Abs in 10 Minutes

    Hi guys,    I had a busy Saturday so I left my training for the very last minute, when I had only 30 minutes to get ready for dinner. When days like that happen, it's good have a back up plan or be ready for a spontaneous solution. I did not have a plan so I had to act quickly. I gave myself 10 minutes.....Read More.

    Weekly Zgym Schedule Week of September 7

    You are unauthorized to view this page. Please login to your ZGYM account or sign-up today for access. Username Password Remember Me Lost Password?.....Read More.

    Sexy Butt And Thighs Workout

    Hey everyone,   I jumped into a pool for you, so now you can do me a favor, get up and do this 5 minute workout! I know it doesn't seem like a whole lot of exercise but trust me, you'll feel the burn     You can play the video and do this workout with me rep by rep or you can do it.....Read More.

    Body Bomber 5 Minute Workout

    Hi warriors!   We had a long hot weekend here in L.A., and the summer is officially over. Kids go to school this week and I've learned that according to some millionaire snobs over 100 years ago, we're not suppose to wear white after Labor Day. Thank god we're no longer afraid to break any rules whether it's about fashion, diet, or exercise. That said,.....Read More.

    ZGYM Weekly Schedule | Week of September 1

    Welcome back WarriorZ!   This week, I want you to set goals, focus on what your body needs and be stronger than your strongest excuse!  Are you motivated yet?  This is week 2 of the Guns & Pistols Series in the ZGYM.   In my ZGYM, remember, if you’re looking for other schedules to follow, pick any week in the ZGYM under “weekly schedules”.  The.....Read More.