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Here you can find short, high-intensity, results driven online workouts. Using mostly body-weight exercises with some very basic equipment, you don’t need to leave the house to get in shape! Most workouts are under 20-minutes, so it's easy to find time to workout.


Use the sub-categories below to view my older ZWOWs (Zuzka's Workout Of the Week). You can use the ZGYM tab at the top of the page to get brand new, exclusive workouts (ZWOWs, Zshreds, Beginner Workouts and more) added every week!
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    ZGYM Weekly Schedule | Week of September 1

    Welcome back WarriorZ!   This week, I want you to set goals, focus on what your body needs and be stronger than your strongest excuse!  Are you motivated yet?  This is week 2 of the Guns & Pistols Series in the ZGYM.   In my ZGYM, remember, if you’re looking for other schedules to follow, pick any week in the ZGYM under “weekly schedules”.  The.....Read More.

    Cardio And Chest Workout

    I'm sure that sometimes you just want to get things done quickly and effectively. I am the same way. If I can do something in a new way that saves me time and gives me the same results, then why should I stick to an old un efficient way of doing things?        Some of you may be too young to even know.....Read More.

    5 Minute Intense Burn Workout

    Hi Guys, Jesse and I have been busy building a new stage for my workout videos, so that I can shoot them at home. I was actually mostly just assisting Jesse is the one that put it all together and build the whole set. There is really nothing better than a handy man. My mom has been always telling me that I have to find.....Read More.

    ZGYM Weekly Schedule | Week of August 25th

    Hiiiiiii Warriorz!!   If this is your first time joining me, welcome!  At the beginning of each week, I introduce a new routine in the ZGYM.  This week, we’re beginning a brand new routine – the Guns & Pistols Series!!   I’m really excited about this routine because it’s jam packed with challenging moves that incorporate total body strengthening, and cardio that is sure to.....Read More.

    Burpees And Abs 5 Minute Workout

    If you are looking for a workout that will raise up your heart rate and target your abs at the same time, then you just found it. You can try this workout right now if you have 5 minutes and an exercise mat, because that's really all you need. I have to say that I fell in love with these super short workouts, because I.....Read More.

    5 Minute Chair Workout

    I've traveled a lot and know how difficult and frustrating it can be if you're busy and the only space you have is your tiny hotel room with one chair. Nothing makes me feel better then a workout, followed by a shower or a nice bubble bath. Luckily that's all you need in order to give your body a nice boost of energy and keep.....Read More.

    ZGYM Weekly Schedule | Week of August 18

    Hi guys!   I’m sooooo excited to introduce a new workout this week in the ZGYM!  We just finished our Kettlebell Series, and now we’re beginning a brand new routine – the Yoga Cardio Series!!   My Yoga Cardio Series is different from any normal yoga routine.  I incorporated aerobic workouts that’ll make you burst with energy and have you dripping with sweat.  This routine.....Read More.

    Butt And Squat Workout

    Here is another awesome 5 minute workout for everyone who doesn't like to give up on their training even on a very busy schedule. It's a great way to compromise and you'll see that even 5 minutes of exercising a day is better then no exercising at all. This workout in particular can be either easy to moderate when it comes to intensity if you.....Read More.

    5 Minute Ab Shredder Workout

    This workout may be short but do not get fooled by the length. It's a very effective routine that will boost your metabolism and kick your body into a gear for the rest of the day. If you are short on time, then this 5 minute workout is going to help you to keep up with your fitness without sacrifising too much time. You can.....Read More.

    Last week of ZGYM Kettlebells | Week of August 11th

    Welcome back to the ZGYM!   This week I have for you brand new workouts wrapping up week 4 of our ZGYM Kettlebells!   In my ZGYM, remember, if you're looking for other schedules to follow, pick any week in the ZGYM under "weekly schedules".  This week I am switching up the schedule, where your new workouts will be scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! .....Read More.