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Here you can find short, high-intensity, results driven online workouts. Using mostly body-weight exercises with some very basic equipment, you don’t need to leave the house to get in shape! Most workouts are under 20-minutes, so it's easy to find time to workout.


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    Arm Balance Challenge Week 4 – Firefly

    I hope you guys have been practicing for the past week and a half the 3 arm balances that we've learned and especially the Flying Pigeon. I have been practicing every day and even tho I didn't spend more than 5 minutes with my practice, I still made awesome progress and today I can hold the Pigeon Pose for at least 15 seconds without a Read More.

    Lifted Butt Workout Series – 3 Important Stretches

    Do you want to shape up your booty for the summer? I do, so I started a new Lifted Butt Workout Series in the Zgym and for the following 4 weeks we are going to focus on strengthening and shaping up our glutes. Three out of five workouts in the first week are going to be targeted towards your butt and the two remaining routines Read More.

    New BUTT Series in the ZGYM! | Schedule April 14th

    Hi guys!   This week I have something new and exciting for you! For the next 4 weeks in the ZGYM our workouts are going to be different! This week we are starting my new ZGYM Series--Lifted Butt Series!!! As I mentioned on my blog, these are Zshred, ZWOW, and Zyoga Inspired workouts, that specifically focus on our lower bodies--our BUTTS! We'll workout in this Read More.

    Melt Fat Fast with Jump Rope Circuit Workout

    Have you ever tried to use Jump Rope in your workouts on a regular basis? If the answer is no, then you have no idea what you've been missing out on. First of all, once you get the hang of it, which does not take a long time, it's a lot of fun and it makes your training more lively and enjoyable. I use Jump Read More.

    Flying Pigeon Pose – 10 Week Arm Balance Challenge

    This is our third week of the 10 week arm balance challenge and if you missed the previous weeks, then please check our Week #1 and Week#2. I suggest that you start from the beginning, unless you are already good at Crow Pose and Side Crow Pose. In the third week of this challenge we are going to practice a new pose called the Flying Read More.

    New Workouts in the ZGYM | April 7th Schedule

     Hi Guys!   Here is your weekly ZGYM Workout Schedule! I have for you, brand new workouts this week in the ZGYM! They're intense and challenging, and I know you're going to feel amazing after completing this week!     *Remember! You can choose to do this weeks workout schedule or go back to the other workout schedules (Must be ZGYM Member!) and choose whichever one to do--I Read More.

    10 Week Arm Balance Challenge – Week #2

    I hope you've been having a lot of fun so far with our 10 Week Arm Balance Challenge and that you've been doing your homework. In case you missed the first week practice, make sure to check it out and start with the first assignment so that you have a good foundation for this week's practice.    If you've been practicing the crow daily for Read More.
    Zuzka Light ZGYM

    Spring Has Sprung ZGYM Workout Schedule | Week of March 31st!

     Hi Guys!   Here is your weekly ZGYM Workout Schedule! I cannot believe it's already April! SPRING HAS SPRUNG! hehe     *Remember! You can choose to do this weeks workout schedule or go back to the other workout schedules (Must be ZGYM Member!) and choose whichever one to do--I only recommend that whichever schedule you follow for the week, follow the workouts listed for the entire week--complete Read More.

    3 Fun Bodyweight Exercises for Fit Body

    Here are 3 fun bodyweight exercises that you can try at home right now and even create your own mini workout. Watch the video to see how to do each exercise and then read on.     The first exercise is going to work your entire body including your abs, legs and arms. It's quite challenging but really worth trying, because only as little as Read More.
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    Motivating March in ZGYM | March 24th Workout Schedule

    Hi Guys!!!! Thanks for visiting my ZGYM! Here is week of March 24th, your motivating march workout schedule in the ZGYM! If you haven't already done so I hope that you to join below. If or when you do you will get these schedules each week along with 3+ new workouts each and every week!     Click here to join:     Stay tuned Read More.