Success Stories


“I was having a rough time working out because I had a condition in my foot that caused me extreme pain. I went through therapy for my foot and started looking for a different form of exercise when I found Zuzka on YouTube. Her workouts were perfect because working out in short intervals is what I needed to be able to work out on a daily basis. I was able to get full strength back in my foot again and loose 14lbs and 5 1/2" in my waist! Thank you so much Zuzka for everything-you have changed my life forever!


“Im a stay at home mom of two girls. I felt so embarrassed about my weight and uncomfortable around my husband, causing stress for both of us. I finally got tired of having such a negative body image and started my journey with Zuzka! I am happier than I have been in a long time! Eating healthy and exercising are a part of my life now! I'm so glad to say goodbye to the lazy, depressed Kayla! Thank you so much!”

My favorite thing about this site is having all of you at home tell me about your success stories and how my workouts have helped transform your bodies! You inspire me to keep offering the best online workouts. Share your success stories with me and help inspire others. 




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