“A couple of months before my 30th birthday, I decided it was time for me to change my sedentary lifestyle, I was at the heaviest weight I've ever been! I did some research and started following Zuzka! I bought her Power Cardio DVD series and I've been following her diet tips and ZWOWs too. I'm in the best shape I've been in a loooong time!”
“I started following Zuzka's workouts and diet plan in 2011. My goal was to become fitter and stronger. I definitely love how I look now but the most important reason I keep working out and eating right is my health. Before, I had a sick stomach and I also had an asthma… When I first started her workouts I often couldn't complete them without breaks becouse I couldn't breath and felt sick. It was difficult but it was worth it! I never expected it could help me so much! My illness almost disappeared and I feel amazing! Looking good is an added bonus!”
Are you new to working out? Start here and learn the basics with this progressive 6-week program of online workout videos. Build strength and endurance, track your progress and increase your overall level of fitness!
Based on the hugely popular YouTube ZWOW series of online workout videos, these short, high intensity routines provide you with a great workout in 20 minutes or less! Featuring highly effective training formats like AMRAPs, Tabata workouts, time challenges and more!
Sculpt your body and shred the fat with these cardio intensive online workout videos! Featuring a mix of cardio, plyo, and strength based exercises, push yourself even further for extreme results with Zuzka’s time challenges!
Each week Zuzka shares weekly workout schedules and exercise tips to help you stay focused and on track with your fitness! Need some motivation? Share your progress and compete exclusively with Zuzka and other ZGYM members!
Bonus workouts to keep your workout routine fresh and fun! Featuring a benchmark workout that helps you measure your progress every month, Jump Rope workouts, Six-Pack Ab Challenges, Yoga routines, Kettlebell Workouts and more.