One important way to curb your appetite during the day is to pack healthy lunches for work!  You can eat healthy all day long even if you work long hours if you just pack healthy lunch with you. I wanted to share with you guys my own packed meal to show you how simple it can actually be so watch this video and then read on. 


We all want the same two things: Eat and lose weight, or maintain our healthy weight. Either way, we all want to eat and enjoy our food, yet stay fit and healthy. I have always been a believer that exercise and diet are equally important, however you can say that staying in great shape and keeping a healthy weight is 90% about diet. While you should exercise every day, it does not take up more than 4% of your waking hours, especially if you do my workouts. Paying attention to your diet however, takes up the rest of the day, because you don't have to make decisions only about what to eat, you also decide what not to eat. You have to choose what to eat for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, while you try to stay away from temptations that can sabotage your efforts to stay fit. On average you have an opportunity to eat right 3-5 times a day, and the sad part is that one bad meal a day can send you two steps back. One bad meal every 4 days is much better and if you can cut it down to once a week, than you're golden and nothing will stop your progress. 




I got to the point when junk food does not make me happy anymore. What makes me feel good is when I put an effort into preparing meals that are good for my well being. It's more comforting to eat a healthy lunch that you have prepared at home, and knowing that you won't feel gross and guilty after eating the whole plate. Maybe you are not there yet, but you can be. The only thing that I have been fighting with is eating more than I should, because my food is delicious! :) haha. It's all about our priorities. Either way, it is not hard or difficult to prepare an awesome lunch that you can pack with you and take it to work.





This morning I made a simple quinoa with cranberries and walnuts and  I have it in my tupperware on my desk. I don't get distracted by any cravings or temptations, and I eat when I feel hungry. 

Do you pack your lunch with you to work? What do you usually eat during the day at work? Let me know in the comments below.