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When it comes to living a healthy life, the only thing as important as exercise is diet. It’s all about learning to make healthier choices. I like to experiment in the kitchen with different healthy ingredients and share my recipes. I complement my 15-minute workouts with 15-minute meals full of healthy nutrients that support my body rather than destroy it. Why not give them a try!
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    Italian Meatballs (FM)

    I needed to use the leftovers of the amazing tomato sauce I used in my home made Buffalo Pizza the other day, so I did another great Italian dish that you can enjoy for dinner even without doing a workout prior to that. It just protein and fat, no carbs! Instead of pasta I decided to use Brussels Sprouts as a side dish so my plate.....Read More.

    Pizza Buffalo FM

    Pizza is one of my favorite meals. I mean a really good Italian pizza. My favorite pizza place in Prague is called Pizza Nuova, and here in Los Angeles it's Cecconi's in West Hollywood. I'm not a fan of ordering pizza and I don't like fast food, so the only time I have the chance eating a pizza, is either in one of my favorite.....Read More.

    Breakfast Quiche

    This recipe belongs to my FM category, or "free meals" that I don't need to pay for with a workout. I made it the other day for Jesse and now he wants me to make it every morning. It's really that delicious. The ingredients are just basic, but I believe that simplicity is sometimes the best even in the kitchen. What really matters is the.....Read More.

    Tuna Salad

    This recipe is great, because it is classified as FM (free meal) which means that you don't have to pay with a workout to earn it. However if you decide to enjoy the whole grain toasted bread as shown in the photo, then it belongs to the WE (workout earned) category. This  simple adjustment gives you a great flexibility when planning out your day. I.....Read More.

    How About Them Apples?

    Apples have been a part of our diets for a good long while.  Even Adam and Eve enjoyed them much to their supposed demise.  Maybe the devil was on to something though!  Apples are surprisingly healthy for reasons scientists are only just finding out about.     Sure, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ has been ingrained in our minds since we were.....Read More.

    Quick Post and Pre Workout Snacks

    I believe that most of us have to deal with the same situation when it comes eating during the day. We don't always have time to sit down and have an actual lunch. I'm not going to be ever preaching that people should take the time for their meals and have a proper lunch with their friends, family or co-workers and talk about their day......Read More.

    Post Workout Breakfast

    The most enjoyable breakfast for me is the post workout one for number of reasons. It feels really good to get your training out of the way first thing in the morning. The way I do it, is that I put on my exercise clothes, and have my coffee while sitting down on my exercise mat going over the workout and listening to music that.....Read More.

    Dietbet Challenge My Grocery List

    Hi Warriors,   Our DietBet challenge is starting tomorrow on September 29. In case you haven't signed up yet, you can still do that anytime during the next upcoming 14 days at Dietbet.com/Zuzka.   Before we start, I just wanted to tell you guys, that the goal here is to get on the right track with your training and your eating habits, so even if you.....Read More.

    Ketosis and The Ketogenic Diet

    What is Ketosis?   Ketosis occurs when we limit our carbohydrate intake to minimal levels in favor of a high fat diet or when we fast.  Once we’ve depleted our liver of glycogen by diet or fasting – that is, glucose stored as energy – our bodies utilizes ketone bodies from fatty acids and, in turn, use them as a temporary source of energy.  Essentially,.....Read More.

    Coconut Chocolate Chip Blueberry Cupcakes – Gluten Free

    Do you ever have a sudden urge to bake something yummy? I had that feeling yesterday actually and if you saw my Facebook page you must have noticed this picture of cookies that I couldn't stop eating. Not the picture, the cookies just to be clear.        But this is not the recipe I want to share with you now. I'm actually saving.....Read More.