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When it comes to living a healthy life, the only thing as important as exercise is diet. It’s all about learning to make healthier choices. I like to experiment in the kitchen with different healthy ingredients and share my recipes. I complement my 15-minute workouts with 15-minute meals full of healthy nutrients that support my body rather than destroy it. Why not give them a try!
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    Ketosis and The Ketogenic Diet

    What is Ketosis?   Ketosis occurs when we limit our carbohydrate intake to minimal levels in favor of a high fat diet or when we fast.  Once we’ve depleted our liver of glycogen by diet or fasting – that is, glucose stored as energy – our bodies utilizes ketone bodies from fatty acids and, in turn, use them as a temporary source of energy.  Essentially,.....Read More.

    Coconut Chocolate Chip Blueberry Cupcakes – Gluten Free

    Do you ever have a sudden urge to bake something yummy? I had that feeling yesterday actually and if you saw my Facebook page you must have noticed this picture of cookies that I couldn't stop eating. Not the picture, the cookies just to be clear.        But this is not the recipe I want to share with you now. I'm actually saving.....Read More.

    5 Powerful Vegetables You May Not Know About

    A recent study done by Dr. Jennifer Di Noia for the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) categorized 47 different fruits and vegetables based on the amount of important nutrients each food contained.   Each fruit or vegetable was classified based on the level of 17 specific nutrients considered vital for health and for the prevention of chronic diseases according standards set by the Food.....Read More.

    The Deceptively Simple Math of Weight Loss

    Weight loss is often presented in the media and elsewhere as a dizzying and complex endeavor requiring nothing short of witchcraft to accomplish.  Thousands upon thousands of fad diets and trendy exercise regimens crowd the fitness landscape and new ones continue to pop up with each passing day.       Weight loss is, in fact, a very simple formula.  Not simple to accomplish -.....Read More.

    The Raw Food Diet

    The raw food diet became quite popular after celebrities such as Demi Moore actively preached the benefits of it.  It’s a deceptively simply diet that focuses on eating foods that have not been cooked in any way, shape, or form.  Strict raw foodists insist that cooking our foods renders them toxic or strips them of their nutritional value.  That means that any type of heat.....Read More.

    Why Detox Diets Are A Bad Idea

    Now that summer is here many women are scrambling to shed a few extra pounds as they prepare to spend more time in less clothing.  Perhaps their swimsuits and shorts hang in judgment in their closets causing understandable anxiety about their body image.  As a result, some women resort to crash diets that are now deceptively called detox diets or cleanse diets.  I know many.....Read More.

    Halibut with Leek Mushrooms and Broccolini

    Sometimes the best recipes are the most simple ones. I learned that about Italian food. The fewest and most basic ingredients can be transformed into a 5 star restaurant dinner like a magic if you do the right things. I got this simple recipe from my friend who grew up with a French nanny who apparently cooked these type of dishes for her, and her.....Read More.

    Low Carb Pancakes

    Today I have an awesome recipe for all of you who have sweet tooth and love pancakes! I mean who doesn't like pancakes right? This recipe is gluten free, sugar free, Ketogenic, and absolutely delicious. I wanted to show you how fast and easy it is to make pancakes for breakfast so I made this video for just for you.        Here are.....Read More.

    4th of July Low Carb Cookies

     I feel like the 4th of July is a holiday of food lovers and creative cooks more than anything else. There's not much to find about the history on popular websites, blogs, or magazines, but there's  always tons of tips on how to make your celebration perfect. I love it. I mean I love the history, but I also love the little things in life.....Read More.

    Homemade Low Carb Chocolate

    It's been a while since I had an actual store bought chocolate, made out of all the usual ingredients including sugar or sugar alcohols. I used to eat that almost every day, can you believe that?? Of course, that's why I was so often at the dentist's office. I guess mom was right.  I'm trying to be good with my low carb diet and it's.....Read More.