We got the best Christmas present for Coco! Merry Christmas Coco!!! Coco is our 100lb Cane Corso.. A few months ago she was playing with Santino (our other Cane Corso) and hurt herself.. She was limping for a few days but then started to act normal, so we just thought she had Hyper Extended her knee.. About a month ago she was running and hurt the same leg again.. We gave it a few days to got better but it never did.. Poor girl couldn't walk properly, she was limping and keeping that leg off the ground as much as she could. She couldn't run or play with Santino or the rest of the pack, it was just very sad to see her that way.. We took her to Dr.Garcia (our Vet) and he said "she had torn the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) in her knee which is very painful for her.". After doing some research both Dr.Garcia and us think a TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) Surgery would be best for her.. So Yesterday we had the surgery..

You can see Dr.Garcia from Paws & Claws Vet on the picture operating Coco.

It took about four hours and Dr.Garcia says it went great!! YAY!! Now its 6-8 weeks of nurturing and giving her a lots of love. For the next few days she isnt aloud to walk, so Jesse has to carry her out to the grass to let her go to the bathroom.. She already has Cabin Fever but its all for the better.. I cant wait for her to get back to normal, she is such a Happy Playful dog and loves to go to the beach and to go hiking.. Soon ill get my Beach Buddy back.. hahaha