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    Swing and Snatch in the ZGYM! | Week of July 28th

    Hiiii!!!!   Welcome to the ZGYM!       Did you enjoy our fist week of my brand new Kettlebell Series?! I know most of you have been requesting my kettlebell DVD internationally, so I want you to join me in this fun and challenging series!   Each workout is a total body workout, and I include some workout for beginners too! For beginners, I.....Read More.


    1.PREP FOR THE DAY          Waking up earlier in the morning than we would usually do, because we want to go for a run or take a spinning class before work, will not only help us get in a better shape and in an awesome mood, but will also make the preparation for the whole day much easier. Because we need to.....Read More.

    Fancy and Casual Fashionhaul

    Jesse and I are leaving to New York tomorrow for a little vacation and a little bit of work, which I think is a perfect balance, because I love creating new memories with my love and I love my work! It's going to be my very first time in the Big Apple and I am very excited to finally explore  this legendary city that everyone.....Read More.

    10 Reasons To Get Into A Great Shape

    10. TO STAY LOOKING YOUNGER.          Consistent exercise may be the answer to your prayers and questions on how to maintain a young, vibrant look. It may be the best medicine we can have for anti-aging process. When we get older we become more frail, we start to lose our muscle tones and our bones lose their density. We can definately put.....Read More.

    Want more Kettlebell? | ZGYM Schedule July 21st

    Hiiii!!!!   Welcome to the ZGYM!     This week we're starting my brand new Kettlebell Series! I know most of you have been requesting my kettlebell DVD internationally, so I want you to join me in this fun and challenging series.  I LOVE KETTLEBELL WORKOUTS! Especially for us women, I think they are so amazing in helping us shape our lower bodies--our butts, legs.....Read More.

    7 ways to Boost your Confidence

    Yesterday I was browsing the internet with my legs stretched out on the sofa and my Mac Pro on my lap. I love having this little bit of time for myself. One of my favorite activities that I do on my free time, is to flip through women’s fashion magazines or websites with similar content.    Not that I ever go there for an advice,.....Read More.

    Fashion Haul Workout Outfit

        I have to admit that new workout clothes not only motivate me to do more workouts but also get me in a better, refreshed mood. I am much more excited to go for a run when I'm sporting my great-fitting, exercise pants that make me feel comfortable and confident than if I threw on any old thing. They don't have to be expensive or.....Read More.

    Body Part Breakdown: Lats and Traps

    There are many major and minor muscles that collectively make up our back.  Two major ones that are not only instrumental for our overall strength but also help us look sexy, strong and athletic are the lats (latissimus dorsi) and the traps (trapezius).      The lats are the major muscles along the sides of our backs.  Well-developed lats are easy to spot in athletes.....Read More.

    Surprise in a Candle – The Perfect Gift

    Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to picking the right gift for your friends, family, co-workers,  loved ones? You don't want to give them something they already have, or something boring like another candle... Unless you get them a luxurious candle, with a first class fragrance and a hidden jewel inside.     I can guarantee you that you can't go wrong with.....Read More.
    Drake Trailer

    New Trainer Releases New Workouts in the ZGYM! | Week of July 14th

    Hiiii!!!!   Welcome to the ZGYM!  This week we're finishing our Tabata Training Workouts this week in the ZGYM with week # 4! ALSO, a new trainer releases his brand new Resistance Band workouts for a fun 4-week series in the ZGYM! In my ZGYM, remember, if you're looking for other schedules to follow, pick any week in the ZGYM under "weekly schedules".  This week.....Read More.