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Weekly Zgym Schedule Week of October 13

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Increasing Pain Tolerance Through Exercise

I’m sure many of you have experienced the following painful symptoms when working out with me: Your muscles feel like they might be caught in some kind of exercise-induced wildfire from all the lactic burn.  Oxygen seems to suddenly be at a premium.  Your lungs are caught in a bear hug and maybe you’re even a little nauseous.  Your timer or stopwatch could not be.....Read More.

Exercise and Bone Health

With Halloween just around the corner, I’ve been thinking about our skeletons.  More specifically bone health and what we can do as women to ensure healthy bones well into old age.  According to the Harvard School of Public Health, osteoporosis occurs in a whopping 80% of all menopausal women!  Menopause may be a long way away for some of you, but plan ahead!  Building and.....Read More.

What Shapes our Lives

If anyone asked me if I regret anything I've done in the past, I'd say sure, but what I really regret are all the things that I haven't done. Whenever we go through any difficulties in life, it always seems that things are just happening to us. That we have no control over anything and we tent to blame the environment we live in. Try.....Read More.

Weekly Zgym Schedule Week of September 29

Hi warriors,   Get ready for another week of fun training and new challenging workouts!   Monday: ZSHRED #25    Tuesday: ZWOW #117 (new)   Wednesday: Active Rest or 5 Minute Workout (The Ultimate Fat Burner)   Thursday: TABATA TRAINING #13 (new)   Friday: ZYOGA #22 (new)   Saturday: Lifted Butt Series Workout #8   Sunday: Summer Abs Series Workout #5   ____________________________________________________________________________________ P.S. The.....Read More.

Fighting Fatigue

 Fatigue affects us all and can be caused by a variety of factors.  The most obvious cause of fatigue is physical, but that is not necessarily the most common type of fatigue nor is it the most challenging.  Often mental fatigue can take a greater toll on our energy more than anything else.  Juggling our various roles and responsibilities can be taxing on our willpower.....Read More.

Exercise and Skin Health

While it may be true that beauty is only skin deep, ensuring that we have healthy skin, especially as we age, is something that most women obsess over.  It’s no wonder skin creams and lotions are advertised and sold as magic potions all over the world.  Unfortunately, so many of these products amount to so much snake oil. The truth is one of the most.....Read More.

Weekly Zgym Schedule Week Of September 22

Hi Warriorz,  This week we'll pick up where we left off with the Guns & Pistols and do three more workouts from this series. We'll be working again towards practicing and perfecting Pistol Squat which is the best bodyweight exercise for building the strength in your legs and making you overall more athletic. We'll be also working on our shoulders and arms with different variations of.....Read More.

Working Out May Be The Best Way to Relax

The average hectic weekday is often filled with anxiety.  Early morning commutes, screaming kids, overbearing bosses and impossible deadlines surround us.  The more we try to tell ourselves to just relax the more impossible it seems.  We take a few deep breaths hoping for a miracle, but our anxieties still stand before us like thugs in some gangster movie.    Anxiety not only feels debilitating,.....Read More.

Chasing Comfort

Often when overwhelmed, stressed or just plain tired and over it, we seek out stuff that provides comfort.  Usually this involves things that fall under that classic term, ‘instant gratification.’  Unfortunately, healthier choices such as exercising tend to go right out the proverbial window depending on how tough our day is (as do most other choices that require will and effort).  For example: Tough day.....Read More.