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Warrior Adriana inspires other moms

 It's transformation Tuesday! I got this email from Adriana who is a mom and a wife and a Warrior. She decided to share her story and motivate all of you to stick with your training, and healthy lifestyle and never give up!       Hi Zuzana! My name is Adriana Veltre I live in Beaumont Ca I just turned 37 July 22 1977 I.....Read More.

In Scooby Doo Movie Daphne going from size 2 to size 8

You may have already heard about the controversy around the new movie Scooby-Doo:Frankencreepy. One of the main characters beautiful Daphne is "cursed" and goes from her size 2 to size 8 and basically becomes obese, and is horrified by the curse - which is the reason why is this movie being accused of fat shaming. As the movie goes on, Daphne realizes that she was being.....Read More.

ZGYM Weekly Schedule | Week of August 25th

Hiiiiiii Warriorz!!   If this is your first time joining me, welcome!  At the beginning of each week, I introduce a new routine in the ZGYM.  This week, we’re beginning a brand new routine – the Guns & Pistols Series!!   I’m really excited about this routine because it’s jam packed with challenging moves that incorporate total body strengthening, and cardio that is sure to.....Read More.

Where is home for you?

It's hard to believe that I've been living in LA for 3 years already! Those of you who have followed me since I started making workout videos know my career has taken me all over the world. I still love to travel, but it feels good to be somewhere long enough to settle down and call home. I love living here.   When Uniqlo reached out to.....Read More.

ZGYM Weekly Schedule | Week of August 18

Hi guys!   I’m sooooo excited to introduce a new workout this week in the ZGYM!  We just finished our Kettlebell Series, and now we’re beginning a brand new routine – the Yoga Cardio Series!!   My Yoga Cardio Series is different from any normal yoga routine.  I incorporated aerobic workouts that’ll make you burst with energy and have you dripping with sweat.  This routine.....Read More.

Four Reasons To Get A Massage Now

Some of us consider a massage relaxing, but not necessarily therapeutic.  Sure, it may feel good, but its benefits are often judged in the same way as a manicure or a trip to the salon.  The truth is a proper massage done by a professional has a bunch of therapeutic benefits for our physical bodies as well as our mental and emotional wellbeing.    .....Read More.

Five Workout Recovery Tips

Recovery is an essential part of working out.  Muscles do not grow and our stamina does not increase as effectively without proper diet and rest.  Not allowing our bodies to recover properly can and will have a negative impact on our workouts over time.  If your workouts are plateauing or getting worse, you may even need  more rest than usual. Here are five important tips.....Read More.

Last week of ZGYM Kettlebells | Week of August 11th

Welcome back to the ZGYM!   This week I have for you brand new workouts wrapping up week 4 of our ZGYM Kettlebells!   In my ZGYM, remember, if you're looking for other schedules to follow, pick any week in the ZGYM under "weekly schedules".  This week I am switching up the schedule, where your new workouts will be scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! .....Read More.

2 Basic Steps For Perfect Complexion

I don't mean to brag, but I do get compliments about my skin and complexion a lot. I believe that our genetics play an important role to a certain extent, however if you take a good care of your skin, it's going to help a lot just like regular exercise and healthy diet. All those things combined can slow down the aging process, and reflect.....Read More.

How to Deal With Ugly Days

Ugly days is something that affects most people and more commonly women. Actually if you are a human, there is a 99.9% chance that you've already experienced and ugly day. I'm sure you'll be able to relate when I describe what exactly an ugly day is. It's on that day, when you find yourself in front of a mirror nitpicking everything about the way you.....Read More.