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Italian Meatballs (FM)

I needed to use the leftovers of the amazing tomato sauce I used in my home made Buffalo Pizza the other day, so I did another great Italian dish that you can enjoy for dinner even without doing a workout prior to that. It just protein and fat, no carbs! Instead.....Read More.

Diet Bet Challenge Workout Program for Week #4

We have exactly 8 days to go so this is pretty much the last week of our Diet Bet Challenge! I Wish you all the best of luck for reaching your weight loss goals and getting your money back. I think that one more week of a really good training.....Read More.

5 Minute Body Crush Workout

Get ready for a serious 5 minute of hell. This workout is short, but you are going to be glad that the 5 minutes are over, after what I'm going to put you through. That said, you should be excited to try it out!       Workout Breakdown: 5.....Read More.

Pizza Buffalo FM

Pizza is one of my favorite meals. I mean a really good Italian pizza. My favorite pizza place in Prague is called Pizza Nuova, and here in Los Angeles it's Cecconi's in West Hollywood. I'm not a fan of ordering pizza and I don't like fast food, so the only.....Read More.

Breakfast Quiche

This recipe belongs to my FM category, or "free meals" that I don't need to pay for with a workout. I made it the other day for Jesse and now he wants me to make it every morning. It's really that delicious. The ingredients are just basic, but I believe.....Read More.

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