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Post Workout Breakfast

The most enjoyable breakfast for me is the post workout one for number of reasons. It feels really good to get your training out of the way first thing in the morning. The way I do it, is that I put on my exercise clothes, and have my coffee while.....Read More.

DietBet Challenge Workout Program for Week #1

Hi everyone, I want to start the first week of your DietBet Challenge strong so I have selected some of the most intense and fat burning workouts I've done in the past few year. If you stay on track, do these workouts every day, and commit to healthy eating habits,.....Read More.

Dietbet Challenge My Grocery List

Hi Warriors,   Our DietBet challenge is starting tomorrow on September 29. In case you haven't signed up yet, you can still do that anytime during the next upcoming 14 days at Dietbet.com/Zuzka.   Before we start, I just wanted to tell you guys, that the goal here is to.....Read More.

Weekly Zgym Schedule Week of September 29

Hi warriors,   Get ready for another week of fun training and new challenging workouts!   Monday: ZSHRED #25    Tuesday: ZWOW #117 (new)   Wednesday: Active Rest or 5 Minute Workout (The Ultimate Fat Burner)   Thursday: TABATA TRAINING #13 (new)   Friday: ZYOGA #22 (new)   Saturday: Lifted.....Read More.

The Ultimate Fat Burner Workout

Warning everyone! This workout is brutal. I know it doesn't sound like 5 minute workout could be hard, however if you don't believe me, you have to give it a try. Give it a try anyways, because I can guarantee you that your inner masochist will greatly enjoy it. I.....Read More.

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