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Fancy and Casual Fashionhaul

Jesse and I are leaving to New York tomorrow for a little vacation and a little bit of work, which I think is a perfect balance, because I love creating new memories with my love and I love my work! It's going to be my very first time in the.....Read More.

10 Reasons To Get Into A Great Shape

10. TO STAY LOOKING YOUNGER.          Consistent exercise may be the answer to your prayers and questions on how to maintain a young, vibrant look. It may be the best medicine we can have for anti-aging process. When we get older we become more frail, we start.....Read More.

Energy Boost Workout

Do you ever feel sluggish during the day? Who doesn't sometimes right? We all have great days, good days, and not so good days. It may have nothing to do with your life or what's going on in your outside world. Most of the time, what really matters is what.....Read More.

Why Detox Diets Are A Bad Idea

Now that summer is here many women are scrambling to shed a few extra pounds as they prepare to spend more time in less clothing.  Perhaps their swimsuits and shorts hang in judgment in their closets causing understandable anxiety about their body image.  As a result, some women resort to.....Read More.

Want more Kettlebell? | ZGYM Schedule July 21st

Hiiii!!!!   Welcome to the ZGYM!     This week we're starting my brand new Kettlebell Series! I know most of you have been requesting my kettlebell DVD internationally, so I want you to join me in this fun and challenging series.  I LOVE KETTLEBELL WORKOUTS! Especially for us women,.....Read More.

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