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Chasing Comfort

Often when overwhelmed, stressed or just plain tired and over it, we seek out stuff that provides comfort.  Usually this involves things that fall under that classic term, ‘instant gratification.’  Unfortunately, healthier choices such as exercising tend to go right out the proverbial window depending on how tough our day.....Read More.

Fast Shape Up with Kettlebell Workout

This workout will save you time and keep you on track during busy days!        Workout Breakdown:   One Arm Kettlebell Swings - 10 reps Burpee - 1 rep Figure 8 Squat - 10 reps Burpee - 1 rep Touch The KB Push Up - 10 alternating arms.....Read More.

Don’t Be At The Mercy of Motivation

Motivation is something many people struggle with when it comes to fitness and wellbeing.  As with any kind of inspiration, motivation can be a difficult, inconsistent pursuit, especially as beginners and novices.  Unfortunately, it often proves to be as difficult to find as a needle in a haystack.  As a.....Read More.

Ketosis and The Ketogenic Diet

What is Ketosis?   Ketosis occurs when we limit our carbohydrate intake to minimal levels in favor of a high fat diet or when we fast.  Once we’ve depleted our liver of glycogen by diet or fasting – that is, glucose stored as energy – our bodies utilizes ketone bodies.....Read More.

Solid Abs in 10 Minutes

Hi guys,    I had a busy Saturday so I left my training for the very last minute, when I had only 30 minutes to get ready for dinner. When days like that happen, it's good have a back up plan or be ready for a spontaneous solution. I did.....Read More.

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