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Just Five Minutes?

Just five minutes of exercise, Z?  Really?  How is that possible?  The short answer is yes.  Five minutes of exercise has been shown to have a definite, positive effect on our health and wellbeing.    Of course, there are other factors to consider – diet, weight, genetic predispositions, smokers vs......Read More.

Sweet Potato Baked Dessert (WE)

This delicious dessert belongs to the Workout Earned category, which does not make it any less desirable for me. I will always be glad to do a workout, even  the kind that makes you wanna cry as much as it makes you sweat, to earn this dessert. And at this.....Read More.

5 Minute Workout #16 – Legs, Abs & Cardio

I can't believe that this is already my sixteenth 5 minute workout. Time just goes so fast and before you know it, you realize that you're 16 or 36 workouts in, your pants are lose on you and you've already reached the first fitness goal you've set for yourself a.....Read More.

Italian Meatballs (FM)

I needed to use the leftovers of the amazing tomato sauce I used in my home made Buffalo Pizza the other day, so I did another great Italian dish that you can enjoy for dinner even without doing a workout prior to that. It just protein and fat, no carbs! Instead.....Read More.

Diet Bet Challenge Workout Program for Week #4

We have exactly 8 days to go so this is pretty much the last week of our Diet Bet Challenge! I Wish you all the best of luck for reaching your weight loss goals and getting your money back. I think that one more week of a really good training.....Read More.

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