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Create Your Own Habit

Jesse is a typical example of what it means to be a creature of habit. Everyday is somehow based around his habits that make him feel comfortable. We're all creatures of habits whether we realize it or not. I wasn't a big fan of going to Starbucks everyday at first,.....Read More.

ZGYM Weekly Schedule | Week of September 1

Welcome back WarriorZ!   This week, I want you to set goals, focus on what your body needs and be stronger than your strongest excuse!  Are you motivated yet?  This is week 2 of the Guns & Pistols Series in the ZGYM.   In my ZGYM, remember, if you’re looking.....Read More.

Cardio And Chest Workout

I'm sure that sometimes you just want to get things done quickly and effectively. I am the same way. If I can do something in a new way that saves me time and gives me the same results, then why should I stick to an old un efficient way of.....Read More.

My Favorite Gym Bag

I have been using my little pink lunch box to carry around my healthy food, and I'm still loving it. It's great when I don't need to carry all the other things like my workout clothes, shoes, camera, etc. The lunchbox is perfect when you just go to work in.....Read More.

Warrior Adriana inspires other moms

 It's transformation Tuesday! I got this email from Adriana who is a mom and a wife and a Warrior. She decided to share her story and motivate all of you to stick with your training, and healthy lifestyle and never give up!       Hi Zuzana! My name is.....Read More.

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