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Active Wear from Lorna Jane

I think I have a Lorna Jane fever lately I've shared with you what exercise bras I got just recently from this brand and I couldn't help it if I tried... I had to go back for more. Since I had the bras already, I felt like I need shorts Read More.

Arm Balance Challenge Week 4 – Firefly

I hope you guys have been practicing for the past week and a half the 3 arm balances that we've learned and especially the Flying Pigeon. I have been practicing every day and even tho I didn't spend more than 5 minutes with my practice, I still made awesome progress Read More.

Lifted Butt Workout Series – 3 Important Stretches

Do you want to shape up your booty for the summer? I do, so I started a new Lifted Butt Workout Series in the Zgym and for the following 4 weeks we are going to focus on strengthening and shaping up our glutes. Three out of five workouts in the Read More.

New BUTT Series in the ZGYM! | Schedule April 14th

Hi guys!   This week I have something new and exciting for you! For the next 4 weeks in the ZGYM our workouts are going to be different! This week we are starting my new ZGYM Series--Lifted Butt Series!!! As I mentioned on my blog, these are Zshred, ZWOW, and Read More.

Melt Fat Fast with Jump Rope Circuit Workout

Have you ever tried to use Jump Rope in your workouts on a regular basis? If the answer is no, then you have no idea what you've been missing out on. First of all, once you get the hang of it, which does not take a long time, it's a Read More.

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