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5 Minute Chair Workout

I've traveled a lot and know how difficult and frustrating it can be if you're busy and the only space you have is your tiny hotel room with one chair. Nothing makes me feel better then a workout, followed by a shower or a nice bubble bath. Luckily that's all.....Read More.

5 Powerful Vegetables You May Not Know About

A recent study done by Dr. Jennifer Di Noia for the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) categorized 47 different fruits and vegetables based on the amount of important nutrients each food contained.   Each fruit or vegetable was classified based on the level of 17 specific nutrients considered vital.....Read More.

ZGYM Weekly Schedule | Week of August 18

Hi guys!   I’m sooooo excited to introduce a new workout this week in the ZGYM!  We just finished our Kettlebell Series, and now we’re beginning a brand new routine – the Yoga Cardio Series!!   My Yoga Cardio Series is different from any normal yoga routine.  I incorporated aerobic.....Read More.

Four Reasons To Get A Massage Now

Some of us consider a massage relaxing, but not necessarily therapeutic.  Sure, it may feel good, but its benefits are often judged in the same way as a manicure or a trip to the salon.  The truth is a proper massage done by a professional has a bunch of therapeutic.....Read More.

Butt And Squat Workout

Here is another awesome 5 minute workout for everyone who doesn't like to give up on their training even on a very busy schedule. It's a great way to compromise and you'll see that even 5 minutes of exercising a day is better then no exercising at all. This workout.....Read More.

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