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Carnivore Can Make a Difference

My 30 day vegetarian challenge is over. I have actually completed more than 30 days and it was an interesting experience, however I came to a conclusion that I am more happier as a meat eater. The first thing I have noticed on vegetarian diet was a slight weight gain. Read More.

Getting Your Omega-3′s

Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of our diet.  They play an important role in how our brain functions, our cardiovascular health and managing inflammation in our bodies.  A variety of illnesses and ailments have been associated with diets that are deficient in omega-3’s.  Unfortunately, our bodies do not Read More.

4 Exercises to Shape Up Your Butt The Lazy Way

I hope you've been enjoying the Lifted Butt Series of Workouts in the ZGym as much I as have. You should be feeling pretty good about shaping up your butt with 3 intense workouts a week that are specifically targeting that area of your body and 2 additional  full body workouts. On your Read More.

Lifted Butt Workouts in the ZGYM | Week of April 21st

Hi guys!   Have you been liking our new ZGYM Lifted Butt Workouts????!!! This is week # 2 of our series and get ready because these workouts our intense!   As I mentioned on my blog, our new Lifted Butt Workouts are  are Zshred, ZWOW, and Zyoga Inspired workouts, that Read More.

Active Wear from Lorna Jane

I think I have a Lorna Jane fever lately I've shared with you what exercise bras I got just recently from this brand and I couldn't help it if I tried... I had to go back for more. Since I had the bras already, I felt like I need shorts Read More.

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